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Sustainable Business Strategy

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  • Financial Sustainability
  • Human Capital
  • Products and Services
  • External Relationships

Like a thumbprint, sustainable development is part of our DNA. Through ongoing engagement, Altron continues to ensure that sustainability is firmlyimprinted in the culture and ethos of the organisation. 

Our sustainable business strategy focuses on sound financial investments, a commitment to develop our employees, sustainable products and services and a focus to build and maintain external relationships. Altron, inspiring a more sustainable tomorrow.


Altron's sustainable business strategy was developed and is continually refined through stakeholder engagement that is also used to determine our material issues.
The following four core value drivers for our business that emerged from this process became the four pillars of our sustainable business through which we drive the creation of value for all of our stakeholders:
  Financial Sustainability
  Human capital sustainability
  Products and services sustainability
  Sustainability through external relationships
While sustainable business practices have always been central to the way Altron does business, developing a formal sustainable business strategy allowed us to set baselines and targets and get buy-in throughout our organisation to the principles of integrated business sustainability. In turn our sustainable business strategy also informs our business strategy (

Every year we review the relevance of our strategy and the material issues that influence it. While there has been no change in our four core value drivers and the material focus areas for each pillar during this financial year, there have been changes in the material issues affecting these pillars. Detailed descriptions of these changes are provided in each of the four value driver sections.

Although we report on the performance of the group under the four value drivers, these sections should be regarded as one strategy and one approach to achieving our gaols. For each of the four value drivers we have provided high level feedback in tabular form on our objectives in terms of each pillar of our strategy for the period under review, what our material focus areas were for each pillar, what we achieved against our objectives and our goals for the year ahead. This is followed by detailed coverage of our performance against our strategic value drivers, material focus areas and material issues. This detailed feedback, incorporates our reporting in terms of the International Integrated Reporting Framework’s (<IR>) six capitals:

  • Financial sustainability covers our financial capital reporting
  • Human capital sustainability includes our reporting on both human and intellectual capital
  • Products and services sustainability includes our manufactured and intellectual capital
  • External relationships includes our social and business relationships and natural capital reporting



Various capital icons are used to show the cross-linking of our value drivers with the six capitals throughout the report.

For more detail on the group's performance for the year under review, refer to: