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Our Reports

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Altron's sustainability journey has come a long way since we first considered diversity and black economic empowerment in the late 1990s. From there our approach evolved from an initial focus on BEE, followed by a CSI emphasis and more recently environmental issues.

In 2004 we produced our first Sustainability Report and in 2010 we led the way by being one of the first companies in South Africa to produce an Integrated Annual Report. From a few paragraphs tucked away in the back of the annual report, sustainability is now evident on every page of our report and our business model. 

For Altron, a sustainable business means to anticipate and manage change and survive shocks, internally and externally, in order to create economic value, develop its employees, support communities and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

Below are just some of the reports we produce to monitor, control and improve our sustainability agenda.