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Product and Services

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Our group’s Product and Services Guide is a dynamic publication which is presently being updated. Please click here to find a short summary of the group's operations

Our two principal operating groups, Altron TMT and Altron Power represent businesses and operations in the electrical manufacturing field, telecommunications, power electronics, multi-media and information technology sectors. Our group is South African-based, but we also have a significant international investment through many of our companies that are currently operating throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and Asia as well as through a well-established export programme.

Altron maintains a number of key strategic, technology-based partnerships with leading international corporations such as ABB, Alcatel-Lucent, Arrow Electronics, Cisco Systems, Datacard, Dell, Dongyuan Electrical, Eaton, Enersys, Gemalto, HP, IBM, Kronos, Metastorm, Microsoft, Motorola, NCR, NetApp, Oracle, SAP AG, Teradata, Tyco, Unisys, VMWare, Weidemann, Xerox Corporation and many others.

Altron's Black Economic Empowerment partnerships include the Southern Palace (Group of Companies), Power Matla, Thebe Investment Corporation and Identity Partners (Powered by Women) within Altech; as well as Izingwe Capital, and Power Matla within Powertech.

Our management philosophy encourages our businesses to operate autonomously in an environment of market awareness with a strong emphasis on customer focus. We place our customer needs at the forefront resulting in significant emphasis on technological innovation both through internal investment and through international partnerships; our total commitment to quality, best practices, and the improvement of productivity, manufacturing and distribution efficiency.

As a supplier, our commitment to excellence and attention to detail remains our highest priority. We see it as the foundation to providing superior value through our many products and services.

Robert Venter
Chief Executive