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Letter from the chairman

Altron House
4 Sherborne Road

27 May 2011

Dear Shareholder


On behalf of the board of directors of Altron, I have pleasure in extending an invitation to you to attend Altron's annual general meeting, which will be held on Friday, 15 July 2011 at 09:30 in The Altron Boardroom, 5 Winchester Road, Parktown. If you are unable to attend, please arrange to vote by proxy in accordance with the instructions on the proxy form.

For the first time in our group's history, Altron will be making provision for its shareholders or their proxies to participate in the annual general meeting by way of electronic communication. For further details in this regard, please refer to Altron's notice of annual general meeting (page 245).

The board recognises the importance of its shareholders' presence at the annual general meeting. This is an opportunity for shareholders to participate in discussions relating to items included in the notice of meeting. In addition, the chairmen of boardappointed committees, senior members of management, as well as the external auditor and head of internal audit will be present to respond to questions from shareholders.

The notice of meeting, which is set out on pages 242 to 245 of the integrated annual report, is accompanied by explanatory notes setting out the effects of all proposed resolutions included in the notice.

I look forward to your presence at the meeting.


Yours faithfully

Chairman signs

Dr Bill Venter – Non-executive Chairman