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1981 - 1985

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The Board creates a holding company to control the Altron, Altech, Powertech and Fintech companies, calling it Ventron Corporation.

In 1982 Altron, through Powertech, acquires 90% of Lascon Lighting Industries.

In 1983 Powertech acquires former Swedish-owned ASEA Electric which consists of a transformer and cables division.

Altech assumes sponsorship of the South African Open Tennis Tournament.

In late 1984 Powertech acquires Scottish Cables from BICC.

In 1985 Powertech buys a controlling interest in Aberdare Cables and then merges Scottish Cables and ASEA W/Aberdare to form South Africa’s largest cable company trading under the Aberdare brand.

In 1983 Africa’s largest corporation, Anglo American Corporation, purchases a 20% shareholding in the Ventron Group.

In 1985 Altron’s revenues reach R320 million with a market capitalisation of R358 million.